Lti Tuxpan

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by spanishflea on April 10, 2003

The beds were hard, hard, hard, hard . . . Okay, now that I got that out I feel better! The hotel in my opinion was PERFECT! It was smaller compared to the others in the area and I had one killer view of the ocean! The security guards were terrific, evening entertainment was top notch, and the staff was quite good. I was once on a Baja cruise and the entertainment there horrid compared to Tuxpan. I really could not have been happier with my stay there, it was fabulous (minus the board-like bed).

The room we were in had two single beds, a dresser, a phone (which I never figured out how to use), a safety deposit box, a tub and shower, and a balcony. There was a Mexican restaurant at the resort and it was quite good, otherwise I ate at the buffet. They had a swim-up bar and a piano bar which I thought were great. I really have nothing bad to say about this place and, in fact, I am going back there this June. Do not pick this hotel if you like plush, and do not pick Cuba if you cannot live without the mall or McDonald's!

Lti Tuxpan
Avenue de Las Américas
Varadero, Cuba

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