Flamingo Hotel

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Tio Gringo on January 8, 2003

Are you nostalgic? Do you have fond memories of the 1950s? Did you love kicking back in front of the TV watching John Wayne flicks, or marvelling at Johnny Weissmuller in his Tarzan movies?

I grew up with guys like the Duke and Tarzan as my Saturday movie idols, and when I found out that they were among the group of Hollywood stars who once owned the Flamingo Hotel as their own private paradise, I just had to spend a night!

The hotel is old and feels much like a 1950s kind of place, yet it's remarkably well maintained and clean and the restaurant continues to serve excellent food in a wonderfully airy setting on a bluff 450-feet up from pounding surf below. Try the Coco Locos--it's rumored to be the bar where the drink got its start.

Don't stay here though if you insist on big, new, corporate-style hotels. This place is cool, hip, funky, and very 1950s. Many rooms have no air conditioning or TV. The Flamingo is decidedly not for everyone!

I stayed in "The Tarzan House," a very unique suite that was the preferred room of both John Wayne and Johnny Weissmuller. Surprisingly, it's affordable! It's set apart from the rest of the hotel, has its own stone fortress part-way down a cliff, and several hammocks strung around the round patio. It's private and I've seldom been as relaxed as I was, lying out on the hammocks here, sipping a cool Negra Modelo, reading a book, and just letting the day slip away from me . . .

Ahhhh! Acapulco!

Flamingo Hotel
Av. A.Lopez Mateos
Acapulco, Mexico


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