Chateau Versailles

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by JMAK on December 30, 2002

We stayed in the Chateau over Christmas 2000--what a wonderful hotel! It's set in an old Edwardian house with valet parking, a welcoming (albeit tiny) lobby, a lounge where a buffet breakfast is served by a gas fireplace and to a classical music background. The whole place just looks and feels warm and sophisticated--there's personal and friendly service available all the time.

Our room was on the second floor--the floors are a little creaky but it IS an old house! We did not have a fireplace of our own but a lot of the rooms here do have one. The decor is harmonious and warm, with simple lines that are by no means minimalistic! The bathroom was quite small but it was very beautiful with marble-like tiles, a full bathtub, and wonderful thick white-cotton bathrobes and towels.

There is turndown service so when we came back to our room in the evening, classical music was playing from the small radio/cd player, dim lights were on, and the bed was ready to dive into. Christmas Eve, the hotel left gingerbread cookies as a Christmas greeting.

The hotel has a sauna and a tiny gym.

We stayed in the Chateau's sister hotel, Hotel Versailles, across the street, the next time we visited (Sept 2001), since the Chateau itself was fully booked. The 14th-floor room was larger than the one we'd had across the street and the hotel had more services but it was more sterile than the Chateau.

If you like the boutique style, go for the Chateau! (Ask for it specifically when you book--they may book you into the hotel).

Chateau Versailles
Montreal, Quebec, H3H1E3
514 933 3611

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