El Tovar

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Slaney on January 20, 2003

We had an adequate (not as large as some U.S. motel rooms) room with a double bed, table, chair, and cupboard and private bathroom. It reminded me more of an English hotel room.

It only had a small window, but if you went to the right-hand corner and looked sideways through the left corner, you could see the canyon.

The bed was turned down at night, night attire was laid out on the bed, and a chocolate mint was put on top.

The foyer was hunting-lodge style, and the hotel had a balcony on the front with rocking chairs, where we sat at night with a beer. Coffee was available in the mornings from about 6am, which you could take back to your room.

El Tovar
Grand Canyon Village
Grand Canyon, Arizona
1(303) 29-PARKS


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