Chelsea Motor Inn

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by Slaney on October 20, 2003

Lovely big rooms with two double beds, table and chairs, TV, and bay window. We also had a good size bathroom. Everything was very clean.

We chose this hotel because it had free parking. As I understood, parking was very expensive in San Francisco, although there are a good many motor inns offering free parking on Lombard Street.

We took a bus from round the corner to Fishermans Wharf at a cost of $1.25 each. As one of the people in our party was ill, we had to take a taxi back, which cost $9. Whilst we were at Fisherman’s Wharf, we noticed two parking areas offering parking of $10 for the day, which was as cheap as the bus for 4 people.

The problem with the hotel was its location. Not only is it on the corner of Filmore and Lombard, which are both very busy, but right across from the hotel on Filmore is the Triangle Bar. This bar is open until the early hours and when it closes, the noise starts and continues for about an hour. One night, there was a fight with bottles being smashed as well as shouting and arguing. This was a shame because it spoilt our stay at this hotel. We asked to be moved to a rear room, but the hotel was full so this was impossible. It would be improved if they invested in triple glazing!!

Chelsea Motor Inn
2095 Lombard Street
San Francisco, California, 94123
(415) 563-5600

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