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Either huts or hammocks (amacas), and I did the latter. The community is built into the rainforest, rather than the rainforest being cleared to make it. There's something quite special about sleeping here, and it dosn't feel too exposed as you have a roof over your head, but thereare no walls to 'fence you in'. But don't be alarmed by the wailing in the morning, as there are meditation sessions more or less throughout the day, although I think they make the early-morning one the loudest! They have quite a few activities and alternative therapies (which I think are free).

The hammock cabana at Rakshita's is beautiful, but you need to be careful of the animals - all the proprietors are very protective of the animals, which is good because they're all in pretty bad shape. But know that if you try and pet them you will probably end up with a bad case of fleas. A mosquito net is a must, even though the dogs will probably lie on it and try and pull it down in the middle of the night!

All the people there are friendly and there's a really nice atmosphere, but maybe a little flaky. Try not to be shy, and you could happily spend a week here.

The shower is SO good after a hot day, and the toilet facilities are clean. Neither are anything spectacular, but they make the effort and it shows.They sell drinking water out of a cooler bottle very cheaply. PLEASE don't use tap water for brushing your teeth with! Or anything else, for that matter. The open restaurant sells beautiful veggie food, and if you want something a little more sustaining you can walk over to the other side of the camp to the bar where they sell good fish and meat.

The ruins and waterfalls are just next door (by about half a km)and there are regular minibusses that will stop just about anywhere for you. You must go and swim in the waterfalls on a really disgustingly hot day, as they are beautifully cool.

The town itself is quite delapidated, but easily sells anything that you need. I didn't spend much time in the town, but it makes staying at the cabanas easier with a town nearby (take a taxi from town and ask for the cabanas). I think that it was about £3 a night when I was there. YOU MUST DO THIS BECAUSE IT'S LOVELY!

Cabana community
Palenque, Mexico


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