Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Jenn126 on August 25, 2003

The gold mirrored exterior could blind you on your ride to the marina side of Atlantic City. Inside, the Borgata is a veritable Vegas: huge casino, shops and Starbucks, and a huge check in line. Who could ask for more?

In actuality, the Borgota is a very nice hotel. On weekends (especially in the summer) there will be a huge check-in line. To combat this, the Borgota has a fairly large check-in desk with room for more than ten agents. The Borgota also features performance artists dressed as marble statues who stand in lobby areas pretending to be still, and then will move and startle unsuspecting passers-by. If you're lucky this will be going on while you're waiting to check in and you can snicker.

When you do have a room key (and a room number for that matter) head over to the "living room". The "living room" is nothing more than another lobby, deep armchairs and couches near the room elevators, but the fact that it's behind glass panels and guarded by security makes just getting up to your room feel exclusive. Don't try to get past the guard without showing your room key.

Upstairs, queen beds with white bedding greet you. There's something to be said for the elegance of a place that provides you with white bedding; it seems to just say, "We are so exclusive that we can totally afford the amount of cleaning that will be necessary to provide you with all white bedding." There is cool lighting in the halls, and cool pictures in the rooms (I wanted to steal one of Venice), which helps to make for a pleasant stay. The bathroom also has one of those cool showers with a bench so that if you get tired in there, you can sit down and take a rest. Sweet!

The worst part about the Borgota is the crowds; there seem to be people everywhere. I suppose it's big enough for all of us though, so you should just say "excuse me" nicely, and keep walking. Like I said, there are shops, restaurants, lounges and, of course, the casino to keep you occuppied. There is also a pool and spa and a gym. You actually don't have to leave this hotel if you don't want to. But when in AC, I prefer to take a stroll on the boardwalk.

One Borgata Way
Atlantic City, New Jersey, 08401
(609) 317-1000

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