Belgrade Super 8

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Mr. Wonka on April 2, 2005

Is it possible that these hotel owners have ESP? Did they somehow tap into my psyche and know ahead of time that I would be arriving with a roaring appetite for fresh, homemade chocolate-chip cookies? As Greg Graffin of Bad Religion once said, "sometimes truth is stranger than fiction." Telekinetic powers or not, I was pleasantly surprised by the at-home feel of what I expected to be just another average Super 8 hotel. After all, how much personality can a mid-grade chain such as this possess? Quite a bit, actually.

As I signed my check-in papers and was handed my room key, I couldn’t help but eye a huge plate of cookies lying on the counter. Pupils dilating, eyeballs rolling in my sockets, I anxiously inquired about their status. To my stomach’s relief, I was told that homemade cookies are baked every day for guests to enjoy, so shiver me timbers and roll me in cookie dough! I was in hog’s heaven as I hastily grabbed two or three (okay, okay... four or five), bit into one, and decided to save the others for later. Bless you, you cookie-baking Super 8 employees... bless you.

But the surprising hospitality didn’t end there. No sooner had I grabbed my sweet snack when the owner himself walked up, introduced himself, welcomed us to the hotel, and pointed out where the exercise and breakfast rooms were located. I pinched myself to make sure I hadn’t passed out under a sea of winnings at the Jackpot Casino across the street, and sure enough, this was really happening. What a pleasant place to rest one’s head for the night!

As for the particulars: centrally located just a few miles from Belgrade International Airport and down the street from a grocery store, restaurants, and bars, Super 8 has anything one could possibly need for a short one-, two-, or three-night stay. Rooms are clean and spacious and come equipped with all standard amenities, including cable TV and a complimentary newspaper. On the main floor, visitors will find a mid-sized pool, hot tub, and a fitness center with an elliptical machine, treadmill, dumbbells, and more.

My last surprise came in the morning. Expecting the usual "continental breakfast" (which is really just hotel code for "almost nothing"), I was pleasantly surprised to discover muffins, cereal, orange juice, coffee, and best of all, waffles made to order! Awww, they even had honey for this syrup-shunning traveler.

Everything about my stay was excellent, but let’s be honest here. The Belgrade Super 8 had won me over by the time I was on my second cookie.

Super 8 Belgrade Bozeman Airport
6450 Jackrabbit Lane
Belgrade, Montana, 59714
(406) 388-1493

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