Lee Garden Guesthouse

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Nosefish on February 27, 2004

The accommodations in the Lee Garden Guesthouse were neat and clean, although tiny. There is a choice of medium or large rooms when booking. We chose a medium room, and since we were never in the room except for while we were sleeping, it was a completely sufficient size. Besides a double bed, there was also a shelf-like desk with a lockable drawer, an older-style TV, various hooks on the walls for clothing, and hangers. A doorstop was also provided.

The shower and toilet was a one-room affair. You would close the plastic accordion-like folding door behind you, and simply turn on the showerhead; the water went out through a drain in the floor. Every day when we came back around dinnertime, fresh (although somewhat thin and small) towels, a small bar of soap, and a disposable toothbrush were waiting on the newly made bed.

The staff (two elderly women) were very kind and courteous, and once let me into the room when I arrived before my boyfriend (who was carrying the key that day). Our room overlooked an alleyway, so you might want to ask for the light-filled rooms overlooking Cameron Road, even if they're slightly noisier. It's a nice, safe place for budget travelers. Also, since we stayed for 8 nights, we were able to get a small discount per night (HK $20 off of HK$300).

Lee Garden Guest House
34-36 Cameron Road, Blk D, 8/f, Tst Kowloon
Hong Kong
(852) 2367 2284


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