Grand Hotel Leveque

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Red38Man on July 22, 2002

Nice hotel on a very sweet market street that has been made pedestrian only. A treat after being out in the city all day to come back here where things are mostly quiet. Very close to the Eiffel Tower and to Ecole Militair. Air condidtioned rooms, if needed. Best rooms are in the front of the hotel overlooking the market (although the market wakes up pretty early). Post office at end of street; laundromat around corner; ATM across the street and plenty of food available. Clean; good maid service; less expensive than a lot of other hotels. Thanks, RoughGuide for the recommendation.
Grand Hotel Leveque
29 rue Cler
Paris, France, 75007
01 47 05 49 15

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