Old Faithful Inn

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by slabeaume on July 1, 2002

We rented a premium room. It was rather simple, but nice. It had 2 queen beds, a small table and 2 chairs and a bathroom. No tv, and to try and make a long distance e-mail with our laptop cost $8 for the one try (and it didn't go through).

The lobby is huge with 2 balconies around it. On the 2nd level, there's access to a porch for overlooking the upper basin geysers, including Old Faithful. On the porch are many benches, tables, and chairs. There are also several writing desks and lounging chairs along the walls of the balconies. There's even a catwalk on the top of the lodge, but earthquakes have made that unsafe for visitors to assend to now.

There are several levels of accommodations in the lodge. There are 6 suites available for about $330/night and some semi suite for about $250. The rooms without bathrooms were $69, and there were 1 bed rooms with bathrooms (like we stayed in) for $92 or $123. Plan on reserving any of these accommodations months in advance through the booking company for the whole park---Xanterra Parks & Resorts at 307.344.7311. I reserve our room for the end of June in March. At that time, only 2 other rooms were showing availability.

Construction of the Old Faithful Inn began in late summer 1903 and was completed by opening of the tourist season in June 1904, requiring most work to be done during Yellowstone's severe winter. Architect Robert Reamer supervised nearly everything done and designed nearly everything used. In the end, construction costs have been estimated at between $120,000 and $200,000. You can't miss the 500 ton chimney/fireplace in the center of the lobby. It is actually a central support for the rest of the lobby. It, and the Inn's foundation, was built from rhyolite quarried about five miles from the building site--- on the road to Thumb Geyser Basin. The lobby rises to a height of nearly 80 feet, mostly constructed of lodgepole pine from the area. On one side of the fireplace, Reamer designed a large clock and had it built on site by a blacksmith. There were origanally 140 guest rooms. In 1913 a 100 room east wing (left side as you look at the Inn from the front) was added. In 1922 a back diningroom was added. In 1927-1928, a 150-room west wing was also added by Reamer and the lobby was pushed out 30 feet. Also at that time, a half-moon-shaped room to the side of the old dining room was added. That room is now the Bear Pit Lounge. There have been other changes to the Old Faithful Inn , too, but the overall appearance of the old section of the Old Faithful Inn hasn't changed much.

It's well worth a visit. If you have time, they even give a very interesting and informative free walking tour of the building several times a day.

Old Faithful Inn
Old Faithful
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, 82190
(307) 344-7901


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