Copley Inn

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by shaunandtrish on June 7, 2003

This was a real find and has got to provide the best value in the city taking into consideration facilities, price, and location. It is 100 yards from the Prudential "T" stop, with small but well-equipped and clean rooms, friendly people, and rates at about $130.

There are no dining facilities and stairs make it unsuitable for people with mobility restrictions. The website is here. There are kitchen facilities, including sink, cooker, and kettle, but it does not pay to be too adventurous as the ventilation is not efficient enough to disperse the fumes from anything like a steak etc. You may set off the smoke and fire alarms as I did and cause an evacuation of the building. Eat out I'd say. There's a decent Chilli Joe in the Prudential Centre 10 minutes walk round the corner, which is quite cheap, and lots more options for dining within a 15-minute walk. The ventilation issue when cooking is the only real negative.

If you do go to the website and have a look, there are photos of the guest rooms. We stayed in two different ones and those photos on the web site are fairly representative based on what we saw. The real plus is the location. Absolutely second to none at that price.

Copley Inn
19 Garrison St
Boston, Massachusetts, 2116
(617) 236-0300

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