Violet Bank House, Edinburgh

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by shaunandtrish on November 19, 2005

Another trip up to Scotland, another lodging entry - this time an interesting B&B sought out for me by our admin, looking for somewhere handy for me to stay while working at Edinburgh University Sighthill Campus (not the best area in Edinburgh by any means).

Anyway, whilst Sighthill is not an area you'd really want to spend too much time in, the short drive out to the suburb of Currie on the Lanark Road finds you in much less threatening surroundings, and the Violet Bank Guest House is easy to find opposite the Hope Garage on the Lnark Road. So on with the review.

Room: At £60 per night it was not cheap by any means for a B&B (company paying, why am I bothered?), but this is down to the fact that it's Edinburgh (supply and demand again) and that it's a 5 star. My room was very clean, cosy, spacious, with a well appointed bathroom with relatively high spec fixtures and fittings, cable TV and tea/coffee making facilities. Large extremely comfy bed with enough cushions and pillows for it to become a minor problem.

Breakfast: Served at virtually any reasonable hour and virtually any reasonable request catered for wherever possible. Standard items include a range of cereal, toast, fresh fruit salad, full cooked breakfast, with occasional "guest" items making an appearance liked baked cinnamon plums. Good coffee.

Hospitality: Reeta, the proprietess, is a former B&B assessor for the Scottish tourist board, so she's fully aware of the dos and don'ts of B&B hospitality. She and her husband keep a very tastefully decorated and clean property and are there for you when you need them and not when you don't. There's a drawing room for guests' use that includes a book/DVD library for your use while you're there.

Location: Currie is a suburb of Edinburgh. A drive into town is (depending on traffic) about a 15-20 minute drive straight along the Lanark Road. At the time of writing the owners are in the process of extending the parking options of guests, which are a little cramped right now. Currie is a safe if unspectacular location in its own right, but ideal for access to Edinburgh, where centrally located B&Bs because of strict planning regs are relatively scarce.

In summary, the Violet Bank Guest House offers some homely charm and an extensive personal touch. Pricey by B&B standards but at least while there you can see what you're getting by paying a bit more. I suspect I'll be staying there again.

Here's the website.

Violet Bank House
167 Lanark Road West
Edinburgh, Scotland, EH14 5NZ
+44 (0)131 451 5103

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