Duminy Vendome

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Larryb on January 18, 2004

This was the smallest room I have ever stayed in, but the hotel was clean and had the three best features of Paris--ocation, location, and location. The room was in the attic and was so tiny we were never able to unpack and put our clothes away. Lived out of a suitcase for four nights but we were in the heart of Paris and walked to almost all of the museums and sights in this fantastic city.

Paris is wonderful with its outdoor cafes, museums, and romantic ambiance. Every day we were there we realized that four nights was not enough to completely enjoy everything that Paris had to offer. We loved evrything and when it was time to leave we experinced another fantastic experience in the marvelous French Riviera.

A full day was spent at the Louvre as well as another day at the Museum Dorsy and the Palace of Versailles. An all day bus tour of the city gave us just a glimpse of the different parts of this fabulous city, and each evening was spent at a Cafe on the Champs Dellisee.

Duminy Vendome
Paris, France
01-4260 3280


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