Hans Brinker Budget Hotel

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Illion on March 12, 2002

Well, as I live in Amsterdam I don't really need to try out places to stay so I haven’t. This doesn’t mean I don’t know any hotels though. First I would like to discuss the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel. Very famous for their controversial add campaigns, it is one of the most popular budget hotels in town.

Located in the centre of Amsterdam, it is very near to the State museum, Van Gogh museum and the Leidsche square and in walking distance of Dam square. It can be easily reached by taking trams 1,2, 5 or 16,24 and 25 from Central Station and get off at the Prinsengracht.

The hotel only has dormitories. These dormitories will have 4, 5, 6 or 8 beds. If going in high season the hotel will be pretty full, so you probably have to share a dormitory with others. This can be annoying as the sole purpose of many of the guests is smoking pot and weed. In the off-season chances are you can claim a dormitory just for yourself. Rooms are very simple, but then, what do you expect of a budget hotel, more resembling a hostel.

On the ground floor there is a bar and restaurant. Don’t expect a gourmet dinner here, as most dishes are deep fat fried. An enormous multi-coloured painted window decorates the bar. Main attraction in the hotel is the, recently completely renovated, nightclub. This club is exclusively for hotel guests. A futuristic media lab club has replaced the old dark club. In the sidewalls you can use Internet computers and you can request songs electronically. In the middle of the club you will find a dance floor completely surrounded by glass walls.

A 4- or 5-bedded dormitory room will cost you € 24, -, a 6- or 8-bedded dormitory room only € 21, - including breakfast. All rooms have a shower and toilet, linen is provided and most importantly: there is no curfew.

To be honest with you, the main reason I’m recommending the Hans Brinker is because a few of my friends used to work there. Prices are reasonable, rooms are okay, but the staff is great!

In conclusion, the main reasons to stay at the Brinker are the very central location, acceptable prices, the club in the basement and off course my friends!

Hans Brinker Budget Hotel
Kerkstraat 136
Amsterdam, Netherlands
+31 (0)20 622 06 87


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