Harrison Street Inn

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Elli Metz on February 19, 2001

There are two types of rooms available through Harrison Street. Suites, for the single and couples guests (which we stayed in), and the Harrison House, which is a more expensive full cottage that you can rent for you and a group. (Or just you and a partner, for an elegant honeymoon, etc.)

Similar in style to the rest of Cannon Beach, Harrison Street stands out with its extra room features. Wood stoves. Stained glass. Everything is wood inside from the furniture to the paneling. Decks and balconies with ocean views. Full kitchens.

It''s like a home away from home, with a better view and higher rent.

Located in the dead center of town, almost nothing is out of walking distance. The beach, the stores at the north end of Hemlock, the smaller shops up the hill. You can get anywhere by foot, though it is sometimes more convenient and tempting to stay in when the accomodations are this nice.

A note of caution: every room is smoking and pet free -- if you''re a smoker, you''ll be required to do it outside, and your pets will have to stay elsewhere. Other than those restrictions, the only rule is to have a relaxing time while staying here.

Harrison Street Inn
987 S Hemlock Street
Cannon Beach, Oregon, 97110
(503) 436-1817


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