Sea-U Guest House

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by James Vaughn on November 30, 2002

Sea-U was one of the main reasons our trip was so enjoyable. This small, 5-room guest house is located on a scenic bluff overlooking Tent Bay. Bathsheba, a small town on the Atlantic coast, is just down the road. I cannot say enough good things about the Sea-U. The setting is idyllic, the rooms are simple, but very nice and clean, and the host (Uschi) is very helpful. It is also very affordable, since the Uschi attracts her clientele by word-of-mouth and internet advertising only.

The guest house tends to draw an international crowd, and during our week-long stay we met other couples from Germany, Spain, Montreal, Trinidad, London, and Italy. The evening meals in the open-air dining area, where we sat around a large table with the other guests, were especially enjoyable.

Another nice touch is the hammocks scattered throughout the property. At night I enjoyed swinging in the breeze while watching the countless stars and swaying palm trees. It truly is paradise, one I could return to often.

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Sea-U Guest House
Tent Bay
Bathsheba, St. Joseph, Barbados, W.I.

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