Hotel Nelligan

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Seano on October 29, 2002

It is odd that I am submitting an entry because I did not stay at the hotel. I did, however, experience the hotel.

My buddies were driving back to NY and I had a few hours before my flight back to Boston, so I stopped here to have my last glass of wine in Montreal. And I walked into an Experience.

The hotel is two older buildings - one an apartment building and one an old warehouse - that were conjoined to form the boutique hotel. The restaurant bar (the restaurant is called Verses as Nelligan is a famous Canadian poet) is nestled into what would have been the alley between the buildings. Sitting there, one can see the exteriors of each of the old buildings brought together by a skylight above. The lobby, bar, and restaurant all beg you to sit down, relax and take it all in. If you find Patrick or Gillenne at the bar, you will be doubly pleased as their demeanor makes you feel like you are a long-lost friend. And perhaps, at the Hotel Nelligan, everyone is a long lost friend. I had a glass of a San Felice Chianti, which was amazing. But as Patrick promised they were changing the wine list, you may be hard pressed to find it!

I was fortunate to have a tour of the hotel. The rooms were just as inviting - maybe more - than the rest of the hotel. The exposed brick motif carries through reminding you that you are in a hip and happening place. The perceived comfort of the bed, the soothing CD player, and efficient and stylish desk reminded you that you are in a place where you will have no needs; they will all be attended to. The bathroom confirms this. One room had one of the largest glass-enclosed showers I have ever seen. Outside the shower, of course, was a jacuzzi.

I told Jean the concierge that I would be back this winter to ski. And I know now, without a doubt, where I will stay. Enjoy!

Nelligan Hotel
106 St. Paul Street West
Montreal, Quebec, H2Y1Z3
(514) 788-2040

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