El Tovar

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Postcard on February 7, 2001

Historic- you knew that this quietly, elegant hotel had been around for a long time. The old, beautiful staircase with a large balcony led to our room. Our room was unique, and not quite like anything we had stayed in before. A very heavy, wooden door with a glass pain above it led us into our room. Once inside there was the extremely comfortable beds, TV in the chest, a winged chair with table and a couple of large, old fashioned windows, one of which allowed us a peak of the canyon. There was a small step up into the bathroom and the separate dressing area which had an additional window and room to store our suitcases. The people at the front desk were very accommodating. Since we arrived in the evening and there are not many places to eat I was happy that we made reservations at the elegant restaurant in the hotel. During the busy summer months it is necessary to book this hotel far in advance. People do make cancellations (we cancelled 2 out of 3 of the nights we booked) so keep trying if you are unsuccessful at first.
El Tovar
Grand Canyon Village
Grand Canyon, Arizona
1(303) 29-PARKS


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