Hilton Osaka

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by samepenny on July 8, 2005

Big king-sized beds are hard to find in Japan, but this hotel has some that are so comfortable, you can shake off the effects of jet lag. Tall Americans will appreciate these beds. You will receive a smiling, warm greeting on arrival. These employees aren't looking for tips (tipping as such is not allowed in most Japanese hotels) but are happy to see you. The staff at this fine hotel made my visit.

I spend a lot of time in hotels. This one is on the top of my lists for comfort, service, facilities, comfort of beds, bathroom features, ease and quality of room service (very fine speakers of English answer your telephone call, and American-style food is on the menu), and beauty of the building and interior spaces. Save your (possible) desire to experience a traditional Japanese Inn for another time. This Hilton will make you feel at home and very, very welcome.

The large bedroom included a full-size desk/table, two side chairs, a mini-fridge, full tea/coffee service, two robes, two kimonos, two pairs of slippers, and other Japanese touches, including sliding screens to cover the large picture window.

The bathroom was both large and well-fitted-out with a large soaking tub with shower, a modern and very fancy Japanese toilet, and a sink/vanity area with a complete selection of items including toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, comb, hairbrush, razor, and shaving cream and many large and fluffy towels. Be wary of the extremely hot water! Follow the signs to make sure you don't boil yourself in the tub.

This is a city-centre hotel, so views are limited by high buildings, but I did have a view of the railroad station and the furious traffic on the streets below. Suitable for business travel or vacation with family. This hotel is above and connected to a vast underground network of stores and restaurants with connections to railroad stations. You don't need to go outside to get to many things.

A tip learned from experience: take a postcard of the hotel with you when you leave the building. You can give it to a taxi driver in order for him to take you back to the hotel. The taxi drivers only speak Japanese but are pleased when you hand them a postcard of your destination.

Buffet breakfast was included in what I paid for my room. The buffet includes both American and Japanese-style offerings, as well as meats and cheeses often preferred by Europeons. Excellent coffee as well.

Without question, this is the cleanest hotel I have ever experienced. Clean and tidy in all areas and regards. Very much appreciated by weary travelers!

Hilton Osaka
1-8-8 UMEDA
Osaka, Japan


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