Melia Caceres

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by samepenny on November 19, 2002

This new hotel is built in the shell of an ancient palace. The exterior looks old, but to my surprise, every item, wall and window was brand new. The rooms vary in size, location and layout. Lots of stairs. Some small parts of ancient walls, ovens, statues have been preserved in a very clever way. Our bedroom had a window that opened onto a small courtyard. No view. Meals and service were excellent. About a 10 minute walk to the entrance of the old town although this hotel backs up to the ancient walls. No parking unless you are lucky on the street.

A wonderful experience although I was disappointed that it didn't look older inside (a matter of personal taste for sure). The thick walls gave up the quietest night of the entire trip. Air conditioning and breakfast included in the superb restaurant.

A special treat of upscale Spanish hotels is the tray of goodies you will find in the bathrooms. Not only the typical soap and shampoo, (now and then a shower cap), but soap and tooth brushes and paste in nice reusable plastic boxes, disposable razors with shaving soap, sewing kits, laundry soap, combs, brushes, small mirrors, shoe polish kits and manicure sets. At first I though this bounty was due to increased security rules for flying, but after a few months at home I realized that these items result in continual advertising once you get home and put the boxes out on your own bathroom counter. Very handy and very smart of the hotels. This hotel is lovely but is difficult if not impossible for people using wheel chairs. One member of our party occupied a room that was a few steps from the lobby, but still had a hard time getting around the hotel. Buy this hotel for service and location.

Melia Caceres Boutique Hotel
Caceres, Spain, 10003

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