Ft. Oilisy Youth Hostel

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Re Carroll on September 16, 2000

This was my first ever hostel stay and the most difficult part was actually getting from the train station to the hostel. English isn't as readily spoken in Luxembourg as in the Netherlands and my pronounciation of the name and address of the hostel wasn't great. After head shakes and shrugs from a couple of bus drivers, one fellow led me to the right bus. The ride took about 15 minutes and luckily, I struck up a conversation with a woman who worked at the hostel so she got me right to the door. A good thing too since the downhill path from the bus stop isn't that easy to find and the hostel isn't visible from the road.

It's located under the arch of one of Luxembourg's bridges and is surrounded by tall trees. It looks like it might have been a school at one time. One morning, I came across a fellow climbing the arch of the bridge - getting into practice for a mountain climb, I guess.

My dorm room was on the third floor and was shared with 19 other women. There were 10 bunks but the room was divided into smaller sections with 2 or 4 bunks per section. We shared a bathroom with toilet and sinks but the showers were in the basement. The showers left something to be desired - rows of open stalls with fixtures badly in need of modernization. I was lucky enough to get there early so no one else was around and the water was hot and plentiful.

Breakfast was the best part - cheese (& meat if desired), buns, croissant, jams and a selection of cold cereal provided a good start to the day. In fact, there was more food than I could eat. There was also copious amounts of coffee or tea, including Pickwick's fruit cocktail blend which has since become one of my favorites.

The hostel had a small bar and restaurant. One rainy night, I stayed in for supper and had vegetarian lasagne. The large portion was very good and was extremely cheap - less than $6.00.

Cost per night at the hostel was approximately $15.00 including sheets. Some people bring their own but for me, it was easier to pay a little extra and get freshly washed and pressed sheets rather than putting up with the extra weight and bother of bringing my own.

Overall, I enjoyed the hostel stay and found it extremely good value for budget accommodations. As a solo traveller, it was great to meet and interact with so many people, including fellow Canadians, Americans, Australians, Irish and Japanese. Many nationalities were represented at the hostel and I wasn't even the oldest - that honor went to a Korean lady in her 60s who was spending a few months travelling through Europe on her own.

I booked online through : luxembourg@youthhostels.lu

Ft. Oilisy Youth Hostel
Rue de Ft. Oilisy
Luxembourg City, Luxembourg


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