Centre International de Sejour de Quebec

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Re Carroll on August 17, 2002

This hostel had two main things going for it - the price of $18 (CDN) per night and its location inside the walls of the old town. It’s a very popular place and was booked solid even in mid April so I was very glad I had a reservation.

The building is old and not particularly attractive: it’s pretty dark and dreary although staff do their best to keep it clean.

My room was similar to the others with 3 bunk beds in a room. The walls and ceiling had cracks in them and the wooden floors were very squeaky. Showers and toilet were down the hall. The faucets for the shower were outside the stall so it was really important to make sure you had the right temperature before you got in. The toilet was in a tiny little cubicle with a rusty sink and even though it was clean, it didn’t look it.

Hostel staff were really helpful - always organizing events like pub crawls, a Sugar Shack visit (a trip to the country to see how maple is tapped from trees) as well as dispensing Band-Aids for blisters, tourist advice and maps. Just beside the reception area was a reading room with Internet access and a small library.

Breakfast wasn’t included but there was a huge kitchen for those who wanted to do their own cooking. There were large floor to ceiling coolers for grocery storage as well as three microwaves and lots of stove top burners. Beside the kitchen was a pool table and a TV/conversation area so it was a fairly lively place.

The hostel is open 24 hours a day for check in but they have a "no noise" policy after 11 PM for the dorm floors which seemed to be enforced because it was very quiet.

It’s located in an area filled with older hotels and private apartments and felt very safe at night. It’s about a 5 minute walk to Chateau Frontenac and Terrace Dufferin and there are lots of restaurants within a few blocks.

The cab ride from the train station was under $6.00. A city bus stops a few blocks away but the uphill walk to the hostel could be a nuisance depending on how much luggage you have.

The hostel is a good place for those on a tight budget or like me, those who will do a couple of very cheap nights in order to splurge later.

Auberge Internationale de Qubec-Hostelling Quebec
Quebec City, Quebec
(418) 694-0755


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