El Greco Hotel

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by Tideone on November 16, 2000

On our first trip to Nassau, we were on a very tight budget and the El Greco fit the bill as far as cost.
While it is very well located, just a few blocks from downtown Nassau and right across from the beach, there were a few small things that happened where I can not highly recommend this hotel.
During our three night stay, we had two different rooms. The first room had french doors leading to a balcony and the vines covering the balcony cooled the breezes coming from the sea.
While the bed was very comfortable, it lacked a lot of the amenities we have come to expect at even the most budget of hotels. The bathroom was very small and not air conditioned.
But I could have lived with that because I really liked the balcony. The first major problem occurred when my wife went to take a shower that evening. NO HOT WATER.
Still I could live with that because I really liked the balcony.
The bed was very nice and after a good night''s sleep I went to take a shower but there was still NO HOT WATER.
Having taken a view cold showers during a tour of duty in Southeast Asia I said to myself, ''well it''s only for two more nights.''
We reported the fact we had no hot water to the desk as we left to find a place for breakfast. Unfortunately, no one on the hotel staff spoke English. After a day of sightseeing we returned to our room and I turned on the television, which had been in perfect working order when we left that morning. I reported the television not working to the desk and they suggested we move. I had to leave my balcony but I had to have my CNN and ESPN.
Later that evening, as we passed our old room on our way to dinner, I heard the television going. When we walked out of the hotel, I heard voices coming from the balcony.
My wife said she thinks they had promised that room to someone else and they wanted us out.
No matter what, we stayed there for the remaining time we were in Nassau but we never got a hot shower.
So beware if you book this hotel. Well we figured we could live with that because we did like the room and especially the balcony.
El Greco Hotel
West Bay Street
Nassau, Bahamas


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