Podere Santa Elena

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Kontesssa on September 2, 2000

It was our guardian angel that led us to the Santa Elena. We were looking for a place to stay INSIDE the walls of San Gimignano. However, everything was booked solid. But, a lady I was talking to on the phone, Barbara, suggested another place OUTSIDE the city walls as her hotel inside the walls were fully booked. We were desperate so we took it. Barbara picked us up from the gates and drove us to her guesthouse in her jeep. Stunning views. From our ultra-luxurious room, you can see the towers of San Gimignano all lit up at night. The rooms are SUPER beautiful - decorated to the max, double bed with rich brocaded sheets, an antique dresser, a TV, an armchair, gorgeous shower, tiled terra cotta floors - omigosh, I was speechless. We were paying about $30 CDN per person for this, and we get all this?! The area is pretty quiet and remote. An evening walk took us around vineyards and an expensive snooty restaurant. Barbara and her family were having a party - we got a fabulous family atmosphere, little kids running around, and constant offers and invitations to join them. The next day, Barbara drove us back to San Gimignano proper. I was sad to leave.

To find the place - I don't know the address or the number, but check out Let's Go for a listing for 'Gianni.' Call that number and ask for Barbara or ask about Podere Santa Elena. OR if you're in San Gimignano, take the main gate and go straight. On your left there will be a bakery with blue chairs - that's Barbara's bakery - super yummy and super friendly staff (stored our backpacks for the day). Ask about the guesthouse there. Has pics posted outside.

Podere Santa Elena

Tuscany, Italy


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