Molokai Ranch Lodge: our room

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Maui Jon on March 14, 2001

I started the description of this hotel in the other entr, but didn't have space there to include the description of our room, so here it is.

After having heard for months that there were no luxury hotels on Molokai, we were amazed when we entered our gorgeous room. In the center of the room was a queen-size four-poster bed, with a colorful hand-quilted bedspread and throw pillows of various designs with a ranch theme. The bed faced the lanai (balcony) and the end of the room that was rounded and had windows on all sides. Skylights let the sun shine directly onto the bed. There was a television hidden in a low cabinet that popped up at the touch of the remote control, coming out of its cabinet and rising to the proper level for viewing from bed. But who needed TV? The view from the bed, and the more panoramic view from the large lanai (balcony) was the spectacular scenery of the Molokai ranch, sloping down to the ocean five miles away, sunset, and the island of Oahu in the distance (about 30 miles away). The bathroom was not large (only one sink), but it had both a tub (with feet!) and separate stall shower. There was fruit and bottled water provided for us in the room. Lying in bed after dark, we could see stars through the skylight. And later that night romantic moonlight shown directly on our bed. So Molokai does finally have one small luxury hotel.

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