Molokai Ranch Lodge: checking in

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Maui Jon on March 14, 2001

This is Molokai's only luxury hotel. The Molokai Ranch Lodge is a two-story group of three wooden buildings, with a total of just 22 hotel rooms. It opened in September of 1999. We parked in the small parking lot and took out our single suitcase. The bellman immediately came all the way out into the parking lot to greet us with a friendly smile, introduce himself, and start chatting with us as if we were returning friends. He gave us fresh flower leis, picked up our luggage, took our photo (with our own camera, not something to sell us), and escorted us into the lobby on a leisurely stroll. (Nobody on Molokai is in a hurry.)

The lobby is a beautiful wood structure with a ranch look, comfortable soft western-looking sofas, a three-story high ceiling, and a large fireplace with tall stone hearth. The bellman introduced us by first names to the check-in guy, who sat down with us at a round table in the lobby to complete the check-in paperwork. He brought us orange juice and hot hand towels. He was as friendly and warm as the bellman and everyone else we encountered here on the Friendly Isle. But this is the only time I ever had to sign a "Waiver, Release and Indemnity Agreement" (three pages of fine print) when checking into a hotel. (It claims that I understand that ranch activities such as hiking, biking, camping and swimming are dangerous and they are not responsible if I get injured or die there!)

The check-in person asked what activities we would like to reserve (we mentioned dinner that evening, cultural hike another day, brunch on Sunday), and he immediately took care of all arrangements. Then we rode on the only elevator on the entire island of Molokai, from the first to the second floor of the Lodge, to see our room. For more about our room, see my next posting about this hotel. (Limits to length do not allow me to include room description here.) If you're going to Maui as well as Molokai, see this great website:
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Molokai Ranch Lodge: checking in
Molokai, Hawaii
1(877) 726-4656

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