Bright Angel Campground

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Hey, Jude on February 21, 2001

I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of this campground given the huge amount of use it gets. The park service has done a great job keeping people on the trails so that the vegetation can flourish. There are also numerous mule deer and ringtail cats who may pay you a visit. The campsites are fairly private, and they are equipped with a pole for hanging your pack, boxes for storing your food, and a picnic table. There is potable water for replenishing your supply, and the flush toilets were a very pleasant surprise.

A couple of tips for first-timers:
1. Make reservations well in advance of your trip through the Grand Canyon Backcountry Office.
2. Attend the ranger talks in the afternoon.
3. Visit the canteen of nearby Phantom Ranch for snacks, a beer or wine, first aid supplies, etc. You can even reserve a meal here in advance.

Bright Angel Campground

Grand Canyon, Arizona

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