Stone Island Beach Cabins

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by El Gallo on March 1, 2004

These new cabins are an excellent compromise between the rougher accommodations on Isla and the luxuries of the real world. The owners, Trini and Isabelle, recently built them to augment the income of their home-built, igloo-like driftwood-fired pizza oven. They are just a few sandy steps away from the beach--turn right to the palapa restaurants and ferry to Land of Maz, turn left to walk 12 miles up tropical beach with no buildings, just coconut palms.

There is a kitchen, private toilets, even HOT WATER! A completely family atmosphere--the family speaks French, Spanish, and English. Excellent company and service, steps from restaurants, horseback riding, or major goofing off. Their website says it all best. To see it, just CLICK HERE.

Stone Island Beach Cabins

Isla de la Piedra, Mexico

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