Hôtel du Commerce

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Louisa W. Hansen on July 19, 2004

This budget hotel, though minimalistic in facilities, is located right in the heart of the Latin Quarter and has a most charming atmosphere. Its owner and receptionists (on duty around the clock) are warm and friendly, always welcoming you with genuine and cordial greetings. If you can speak French, you are sure to have many opportunities for a great conversation. If not, you will still find great service from the hotel staff, who are fluent in English and many other languages.

The location is great. Many famous sights are within easy walking distance: the River Seine, Notre Dame, île de la Cité, île de St. Louis (5 minutes), Pantheon and Sorbonne University (2 minutes), Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Odéon and St Michel (10 minutes). It saves so much time and money when you are so centrally located.

The rooms come in different sizes, mostly with a wash basin and no toilet. There is, however, a very clean shared toilet on every floor and there are 2 common shower rooms near the reception. For a little bit more money, you can have a room with a shower and a wash basin (which was what we had). Even though the hotel is only a stone throw away from the busy Boulevard Saint Germain, it feels like an oasis in the middle of a big city due to its calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Next to the reception, there is a long dining table and a little pantry area with a microwave, a sink and a vending machine. Hotel guests can buy food from nearby supermarkets and prepare simple breakfasts and lunches here--another perfect way to travel on a budget. There are also numerous ethnic restaurants and nice cafés flanking the hotel if you feel like trying out different ethnic dishes.

Of course, there are cons about this hotel. If you are very sensitive about noise from other hotel guests when they walk on the stairs or enter/leave their rooms, then this may not be the right place for you, as the doors are not all that sound-proof. Also, the staircase is narrow and steep, so it might be a challenge for some people.

All in all, we are very satisfied with the hotel. It fits our bill totally as we were able to spend our money on other things rather than spending it all on the hotel. And the location cannot be better. We recommend it to anyone who is budget-minded and wants to be in the center of the "real Paris."

Here is the hotel's homepage.
Du Commerce
14 rue de la Montagne Sainte Genevieve
Paris, France, 75005


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