Sheraton Rittenhouse

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by naomi on July 21, 2000

I'm kind of a hotel snob, meaning, I hate noise that comes from outside my room. That said, I requested a 'high up' floor (still in my New York-frame of mind) away from traffic sounds. The desk clerk looked at me like I was nuts (then I realized this was PHILADELPHIA, where the streets roll up after 6 or so) but I was accomodated, to the 6th floor, away from the streets. Except no one mentioned that THEY PUT ME FACING THE PLACE WHERE THEY COLLECT GARBAGE AT 2:18 A.M. (digital clock) so I was awakened and, naturally, couldn't get back to sleep. Other than that, the room was fine.
Sheraton Rittenhouse Square an Environmental Hotel
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19103

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