Hilton Taipei

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by tcguide on December 19, 2000

The Taipei Hilton is a modern hotel with all the amenities of a Hilton you might find in America. There are several pubs and restaurants with a variety of Chinese and Western foods. I wouldn't say that the rooms here are luxurious, but they are spacious and comfortable with satellite TV and hi speed internet access. There is also a small fitness center with some treadmills and weights.
The hotel is in a very central and convenient area right next to the Taipei Train Station, and it is convenient to department stores, resturaunts, and the subway. This area is also famous for its "cram schools" which cater to high school students who want extra review and study to prepare for college entrance exams. Lots of small sidewalk dining establishments are found in this very lively area. I found the service here quite friendly and helpful.
Caesar Park Hotel Taipei
38, Chung Hsiao W. Rd. Section 1
Taipei, Taiwan


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