Sandia Peak Tram

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Peregrine on July 21, 2000

For nearly three miles, the Sandia Peak Tram hangs suspended over wilderness as it slowly glides above the rocky slopes of Sandia Mountain on its journey from high desert to mountain pines.

Once at the top, the view of Albuquerque and the Rio Grande Valley 5000’ below is spectacular. Definitely wide open spaces and big sky. The last time we took visitors up the tram there was snow on the ground, but in spring the wildflowers cover the meadows. In the fall, New Mexico’s most glorious time, the aspens turn the mountainside gold. If you want to haul your mountain bike up the hill, there are trails for you, too, and, in winter, when there is enough snow, the ski runs start here.

Hungry? Try the High Finance, a few steps from the top of the Tram. They serve lunch and dinner, but I’ve only been there for dinner. They serve the usual steak and seafood type menu, but the food is good enough to match the spectacular view. My favorite time to dine? Sunset.

If you are afraid of heights, or don’t want to spend the $14.00 per person to ride the tram, you can drive up the east side of the mountain on the Sandia Crest Highway. You’ll end up a couple of miles north of the Tram. Or, if you really want to experience the mountain, you can hike up the La Luz or Pino Trails.
Sandia Peak Ski Area
#10 Tramway Loop Northeast
Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87122
+1 505 242 9133

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