PLace de la Concorde

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Place de la Concorde is actually a 'square', a small section of the city that just happens to contain statues, a park, museums and is near the Seine. The square was dedicated to Louis XV, the statue that erected in his honor was later taken down during the Revolution and a guillotine put in its place. Marie-Antoinette and Louis XVI were beheaded here. At the center of the square, it's focal point in my opinion, is the Egyptian Obelisk, from the Luxor temple. It has hieroglyphics that illustrate the reign of Ramses II on its sides. At night, the obelisk is lit and with the lit collonaded buildings in its background and lit fountain in front, it is very impressive and photo worthy (mine did not come out!) At the corners of the square are 8 statues whch symbolize the main cities of France. Tuileries Gardens are through one of the gateways on the square. The Siene is at one side. It has a formal garden in the center of tree lined terraces. As is expected, statues are found everywhere and add to the beauty.
Place de la Concorde
Avenue Gabriel
Paris, France, 75008
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