Taverna del Campo (Vineria)

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by lt on June 21, 2000

After dark the Campo dei Fiori transforms from a bustling flower market into an even livelier night scene. Tourists and locals gather at the fountains and crowd into the trattorias and cafes. Our group had set the vineria as our meeting place and, in true Italian style, all twenty of us straggled in within an hour or two of the arranged time. The vineria itself was rather small--just a bar inside with a wide choice of wines--but the terrace was ample, and then, of course, people spilled out onto the piazza itself. At the bar, they tell you that if you don't want to drink out of plastic, you have to stay inside, so we opted for taste and hung out for a while on a small bench by the bar. If you ask me, the best thing about traveling in Europe is the wine--it's always really good, and always really cheap!
Taverna del Campo
Piazza Campo dei Fiori, 16
Rome, Italy, 00186
+39 066874402


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