Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, pt 2

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This review is a continuation of my Lone Pine review.

After standing and cooing over the koalas for quite some time, we finally found the will to move on, and found an even more adorable enclosure—the kindergarten. This is, as the name says, the enclosure with the koala children. They were tiny and hyperactive, at least for koalas, and they just couldn’t stop crawling all over each other.

Once we tore ourselves away from that, we found we were right next to the pictures area, where you can take pictures with all sorts of wildlife. Currently, it was koala holding time, which was exactly what we wanted, so we jumped in line (consisting of a family and us), and in no time, we were holding a koala! In regards to taking pictures—if you buy one $15 picture from Lone Pine, which we got with all three of us in, then you can take as many digital pictures as you like. Therefore, the pictures worked out being $5, which was incredibly cheap and probably the best deal in Australia for holding a koala.

The koala we got to hold was named Flash (obviously someone had a sense of humor when naming him!). He was well-behaved for my friends, and they got awesome pictures of themselves wrapped in a rather large ball of fur with huge black claws. However, Flash decided it was time to wake up when my turn came around. As soon as he was placed in my arms, he started trying to run away, and then, when he realized that I had a pretty firm grip, he used the toilet on my shirt. The zookeeper said not to worry about it, their dung is really dry and just rolls right off. I was more amused than anything, and the whole experience resulted in two pictures where I am laughing hysterically with a koala trying to jump to safety.

After Flash was safely put back in his enclosure (all koalas have time sheets where their hours being held are strictly recorded, so they don’t spend too much time being traumatized), we watched a short 15-minute demonstration in the enclosure right next to the pictures area. I don’t really remember much about what was said, but I do remember a koala peeing off the top branch onto one below, then jumping down and sprinting across the enclosure, jumping into another tree, and immediately falling back asleep.

After the demonstration, we were standing in one of the walkways trying to decide where to go next when we saw Dicko, the talking cockatoo. His cage had a big sign, stating that Dicko loved to “sing, whistle, and dance” and that his favorite sayings included “Cocky want a cracker,” “What about me?” and “Dance cocky!”

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