Spouting Horn - A Great Hawaiian Geyser

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Did you know that Hawaii has geysers? Ok, ok, technically it doesn't, but in some places they have "Hawaiian Geysers" (or so we nicknamed them since they reminded us of their Wyoming cousins). Spouting Horn is one of those—and a gem of one at that.A Hawaiian Geyser is technically known as a "blowhole." What's a blowhole? Well, that's an area where erosion has carved out an opening in both the side and top of a lava shelf. Waves come in the side and the force of the water blows the water and air skyward out the top—kind of similar to a geyser, 'cept "real" geysers are heat/steam activated. Only the end result looks similar, but it's the end result that people see… hence our nickname for them.Spouting Horn, specifically, is quite the gem of a blowhole because it has an extra hole next to the "geyser" hole, and that one blows only air. Can't see air you say? True, but you can HEAR it, and the sound is really cool. Combine the sound with the sight and you have a neat little attraction to go see.Mind you, the ancient Hawaiians didn't go for all the wave/air idea… they said a giant lizard chased a man into the cave and became stuck. It's her cries one hears… perhaps they are right? The sound could match.To actually get to Spouting Horn, head south towards Po'ipu. As you reach the water where the road curves, take the right fork. Spouting Horn Beach Park will be up ahead on your left—signs and a large parking lot (free) mark it. If you happen to be staying at or near Kuhio Shores (as we were) Spouting Horn is only a mile walk, past some pretty properties and a small harbor—a great way to start a morning.Go early. As with all other neat spots, tourists come later… and many tour buses stop here. A light wind is helpful to see the "geyser" at it's best, but you don't want a huge wind from the south. That would wash waves over the top and totally defeat it's working action. Fortunately, that sort of wind doesn't happen often in this area.For those that are so inclined… souvenir shops are set up here with quite a variety of local crafts and souvenirs. There are also restrooms available.
Spouting Horn
Lawai Road, across from Allerton Visitor's Center
Koloa, Hawaii, 96756
No phone available


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