The Monkey Forest

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by rickhowe on April 7, 2006

From our hotel (The Tangjung Sari), our guide drove us to the Monkey Forest Sanctuary, about 2 miles south of Ubud.

The monkeys are very aware of tourists and will pick your pockets in a heartbeat. They'll also grab any jewelry or watches you wear, so bury those baubles deep in your backpack (or leave them at your hotel).

You can purchase nuts and small bananas from the old women at the front or bring them with you. And you'll need appropriate Balinese dress (for the women) to enter the temples on the grounds.

The monkeys themselves are a hoot! They're highly entertaining and almost human in their demeanor. And don't even try to touch them—they'll run like mad, or bite you! This applies particularly to the mother monkeys—they are very protective of their babies.

But one little mother we saw had an innovative way to keep her little one in check (parents worldwide should learn from this): She kept hold of the baby's tail. He could scoot and scamper to the length of her arm and his tail, but no farther.
Sacred Monkey Forest
Village Of Padangtegal
Ubud, Bali
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