Aquarium of the Bay

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San Francisco’s Aquarium of the Bay is located at Pier 39 in Fishermans Wharf near downtown San Francisco. The Aquarium of the Bay was opened in 1996 and renovated in 2001. It is an educational facility that focuses on conservation and study of the distinct marine ecosystem of the San Francisco Bay area.

The Aquarium begins with a series of tunnels through a glass aquarium where visitors can view a wide range of Bay area marine life, including sharks, schools of fish, eels, and starfish. You can stand on the moving walkway as you go through the tunnels.

The tunnels end at a petting area, where visitors of all ages can pet the stingrays and other sharks. The facility is not that big, but if you are interested in wildlife and have children this is a great stop on your tour through San Francisco. It is also an easy and fun way to support the conservation efforts going on in the San Francisco Bay area.

For current prices and timely events and activities for children check the website at In April the Aquarium is holding a Sea Searcher Scavenger Hunt from Apr 8 – 23rd. There is also discounts for group reservations.

Getting There:


Parking is a bit of a nightmare in San Francisco so it is probably best to find a nearby parking garage or a more fun option is to take a cable car ride to the Wharf.

When to go:

Check the Aquarium of the Bay website to time your visit with one of their special events

Time to spend:

The Aquarium is not that big - plan to spend 2 to 3 hours at the most.

Aquarium of the Bay at Pier 39
The Embarcadero at Beach Street
San Francisco, California, 94133
(415) 623-5300

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