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Intramuros is an area of 64 hectares, and is the part of the city that was fortified during the Spanish rule era of the city. Founded in 1571, it was at the time a powerful demonstration of the Might of the Spanish Crown. Today, Intramuros is, perhaps, the most pleasant part of Manila to walk on foot and is worth several hours of a day's holiday.

You can either start your visit from Fort Santiago on the northwest corner or, as I chose, from the southern gate on General Luna street. There is so much to see in Intramuros, and in a way it feels as a walk in the path of history. Do not miss the church of San Agustin (the oldest church in the Philippines), which started being built around 1587.

It is located on General Luna Street. Less than 200m further north is the impressive Manila Cathedral. And, of course, at the end of General Luna street is the Fort Santiago. There is no shortage of some stylish shops and eateries in Intramuros (read about Silatis Arts and Artifacts in this journals) to make your day's excursion even more interesting. We walked from our hotel at Paco Park to Intramuros, and the distance was about 1 mile (to the southern gate). From the southern gate to Fort Santiago is less than a mile.
Intramuros-The Walled City
Bonifacio Drive And Padre Burgos Street
Manila, Philippines, 1002
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