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Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Adol456 on April 10, 2006

We went on many tours, but I would have to say that this one was the best. If you are into ghost and history, make sure you check out the Bull Dog Tours, which was marvelous. They offer many tours. The tours include the Ghost and Graveyard tour; The Haunted Jail tour; The Dark Side of Charleston, Historic Charleston tour; The Rebel Rouser; and The Ghost and Dungeon tour. They offer a lot, and there are so many tour companies, we decided we take one from each. We decide to take the Haunted Jail tour. I am glad we did.

This old jail is set in a part of town that is not to great but that gives it more flavor and adds to the adventure. We walked to the jail, as it was not far from our resort. This tour was amazing; the guide was well versed in the legends and what had been seen there. Not only was she well versed, but she had many of her own frightening experiences while in the jail. The way things were done and shown to us made our experience even more thrilling.

Each tour has its price. Most of them are reasonable and well worth the money. If you want to see how much each one is, go to www.buldogtours.com. Make sure to pick up a brochure, because most of them have a $2-off coupon. I guess the eeriest story about the jail is not that it has a ghost, but that many in the whole population in the jail died, so you can see why it has many spirits. Another cool fact is that people believed that spirits could not cross water, so if you look at the houses around, you noticed that they don't face the jail and all of the doors are blue.

If you visit Charleston, you need to make sure to take this tour. Make sure to bring your digital camera, as just like in The Haunted Mansion at Disney, you may find that you have a hitchhiking ghost on your film. We did. I will put some pics of our ghost: just look for the orbs, or what the wife and I like to call our hitchhiking ghost. Oh yes, and be prepared to be scared: this place is not for the weak of heart. I would, suggest from just this experience, that you use Bull Dog Tours. They have all the stories and history you need.

Bull Dog Tours
40 North Market Street
Charleston, South Carolina


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