A wander from Battery Park to Midtown

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We wanted to take in a bit of the lower end of Manhattan by spending most of the day walking around. We took the 4 train from Grand Central Station to Battery Park, the southern most stop for the subway. The day we went, the Culture Fest was being held. We viewed the booths for various arts organizations, and briefly watched an instrumental group playing on the stage. We walked the boardwalk to view the Statue of Liberty from afar. No boat rides for me because I get too seasick.

After viewing Castle Clinton, we headed out of the Park to Bowling Green and Broadway, took a photo by the bull, viewed Wall Street, Ground Zero, and City Hall which was barricaded so we could not get right up to the building. City Hall Park is small but picturesque with lots of interesting buildings surrounding it.

We continued up Broadway and as we approached Canal Street found that the street vendors were taking up half the side walk. We listened to the shouts of “Rolex” and “Chanel sunglasses”. Chinese signs were appearing on the east side of the street. We stopped at Pearl River Mart and Yellow Rat B*stard to shop for souvenirs. The T-shirts from Yellow Rat B*stard were a big hit with our teenagers.

We then wandered into Soho galleries on Broome and Spring. For lunch, we had salads at a restaurant named Boom on Spring Street. The front doors were pulled back so that the restaurant was open to the street. We ate lunch and watched tour buses go by with people taking pictures of us eating lunch. We were tempted to take pictures of them taking pictures.

We went back to Broadway and ended up in the 3 floor Prada store which has an interesting layout on the main level.

We walked from Broadway to Houston then to Washington Square Park, where someone was on a raised platform going on about finding religion. We admired the arch and the people gathered in the Park. We walked to Jeffrey’s, a women's clothing store north and east of Washington Sqaure. We shopped in Jeffrey’s, window gazed at Stella McCartney, then started walking up Eighth Avenue., walked past Madison Square Gardens, up Fifth Avenue to the Empire State Building where the line to go up was down the block and around the corner. We ended up back near our hotel at Grand Central Terminal and the Grand Harvest Wine shop to buy a bottle of wine and a bottle of scotch. The shop was very stylish with a good selection of wine and scotch. We returned to the hotel to have a sip, chat about our observations, and rest our feet after walking for over 7 hours.
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