National Museum of American History - 3rd Floor

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The National Museum of American History is located on the National Mall. The closest metro station is Federal Triangle, which is located on the Blue and Orange Lines. You can also use the Smithsonian station, which runs on the same lines. The museum is open every day, excepy Christmas, from 10am to 5:30pm.

I visited the 1st and 3rd Floors on my second visit to this Museum, but I feel each floor deserves its own entry like the 2nd floor received. 3rd floor is the top floor of the Museum and is either one or two levels up depending on what entrance you enter the museum from.

Probably the most popular exhibit on this floor is the American Presidency Exhibit. It definitely had more people going through it at one time than any other exhibit, except maybe the Star Spanged Banner exhibit on the First Floor. The exhibit tells about the roles of the presidency and gives the history of the presidential office and those that held it. The exhibit includes artifacts relating to the inauguration, the children of the president, the presidential assassinations, and life inside the white house. In the exhibit on presidential assassinations you can find the top hat Lincoln wore to Ford's Theatre the night he was killed.

Another major exhibit on this floor and probably one of the biggest in size in this museum is The Price of Freedom exhibit. The exhibit chronologically walks you through every war the United States has participated in from the Revolution to today. The exhibit contains many artifacts relating to the wars from George Washington's sword and scabbard to muskets and balls to helicopters and General Colin Powell's Desert Storm uniform. Other war related artifacts include medals of honor, battle flags, and soldier's equipment.

This floor also contains an area related to music. Here there are two exhibits on influential artists: Celia Cruz and Ella Fitzgerald. There is also a Hall of Musical Instruments, although most of it was under renovation during my visit.

Other exhibits on this floor include the Popular Culture exhibit, which includes among its artifacts the Red Ruby Slippers worn by Judy Garland in the Wizard of Oz, and the Photography Gallery, which was under renovation during my visit.
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