Museo del Prado

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by justinef on September 22, 2005

This was a huge disappointment.

It has floors and floors of paintings nearly all depicting something about the Catholic religion. There are lots of portraits of cardinals and men with pointy beards. There are some works by some of the greats here, Goya and his mates, but they aren't really my thing, so I found it rather tedious, and so did the rest of my group, except one. It was a case of us wandering round, all wondering how soon we could leave without looking uncultured. It was a relief when someone piped up and said that they weren't enjoying it, so we left.

We went to sit on the grassy banks opposite and ate ice cream while waiting for our one friend who loves religious paintings, which was much more enjoyable.

Prado Museum/Museo del Prado
Calle Ruiz De Alarcón 23
Madrid, Spain, 28014
+34 91 3302800

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