Hemingway House

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by notso62 on October 4, 2005

The Hemingway House was an unexpected pleasurable historical tour. I stumbled upon it quite by accident when I was parking on the street right across from the sight. Since I had heard such wonderful things about it from the locals, I decided to take a gander inside. For only $5 admission, it wasn't even a second thought- so I purchased my ticket and embarked on a tour.

I was never a big Hemingway fan (something about the womanizing, drunken rumors that always turned me off), but the tour guides completly played up these colorful parts of Hemingway's past and made them seem almost charming. From the tales of his ex-wive's taste in decorations and her penchant to drive Ernest crazy, to the reason why he selected this house (the lighthouse acrossed the street assured he'd find his way home from the bar). It changed my opinion of Hemingway quite a bit.

The tour guides here were very knowledgable and colorful, spinning tales and yarns about Hemingway as well as giving factual information about the premises. It was very entertaining.

Perhaps my favorite part of the tour was finding out that Hemingway, like myself, was a cat lover. Almost 70 cats inhabit the grounds today and are cared for by the caretakers. Some are descendents of Hemingway's lucky cats (they have 6 toes!) and they all have names after famous writers.

This was well worth the small price of the admission and I would highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting Key West!

Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum
907 Whitehead Street
Key West, Florida, 33040
(305) 294-1136


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