Sydney Aquarium

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by dolphoto on September 11, 2005

The Sydney Aquarium is the best aquarium I have ever visited. While many aquariums now offer a walk-through tunnel, Sydney's offers three of these immersion exhibits. One takes you down with seals and sea lions. Another takes you through the coral reef. Probably the most popular surrounds you with sharks and rays.

For me, the highlight was the platypus exhibit. One of my must-dos for the trip was seeing a platypus, and I got to do this right inside the entrance to the aquarium. The exhibit was roomy and allowed these unique creatures to show their natural behaviors. In these ways and in visibility, it was superior to the small tank at Taronga Zoo.

Nemo has been a boon to the aquarium and is highly celebrated. Kids really enjoyed the anemone fish exhibit, and the gift shop carried tons of Nemo-inspired items.

Sydney Aquarium
Aquarium Pier, Darling Harbour
Sydney, Australia, 2000
+61 (2) 8251-7800

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