Mount Lemmon

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by rem22310 on August 16, 2005

The drive up Mount Lemmon is amazing. You can see all of Tucson. And they've recently finished repaving and widening the road. So the drive is very smooth.

If you're going to stop and park before you reach the top, where the actual town of Summerhaven is located, you need to pay for a road fee of $5.

The pass is well worth it. There's so much to do once you get up the mountain: camping, hiking, and even skiing when the weather's right. The best part is, you can escape the heat up there.

While hiking, you can still see the damage from a fire on Mt Lemmon from a couple of years ago. All the shops and restaurants are up and running though. There's a cafe and a few gift/specialty shops. I'd recommend bringing your own picnic though.

PS. Make sure to fill up your tank before hitting the Catalina Highway up to Mt Lemmon, because there are no gas stations on the mountain.

Mount Lemmon
Catalina Highway
Tucson, Arizona, 85619
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