Peninsula Players Theatre

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by karenkayp on August 17, 2005

Every time we go to Door County, we make sure we attend the Peninsula Players Theatre. The setting is beautiful, and one of things we like to do is get there early to watch the sunset over the bay. This year it was raining, so we had to forego this privilege, but if the sky is clear or partly cloudy, make sure you arrive at least a half-hour to 1 hour early to take in this spectacular natural show. They set up chairs along the shoreline, so if you arrive early, you can be assured of one of these good seats. However, there is plenty of room for blankets if you don't get one of the chairs.

The show this year was one of the best I've ever seen. "Tom, Dick, and Harry," written by Ray and Michael Cooney, is a high-energy comedy about Tom and his wife, who want to adopt a baby. Tom's brothers, Dick and Harry, help out by getting Tom mixed up with illegal immigrants, dead bodies, the Russian mafia, and the local constable. Add a visit from a first wife he never had and things get hilariously complicated. This silliness kept us laughing throughout their performance. Kevin McKillip who played Tom is the best performer I've seen and must have endless energy to play his character. His facial expressions alone were worth seeing! Don't miss this wonderful theatre experience when you are in Door County!

Peninsula Players Theatre
W4351 Peninsula Players Road
Door County, Wisconsin, 54212
(920) 868-3287

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