Street Party in Old San Juan

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by trinigoddes25 on August 23, 2005

Well, the party begins like around 9pm or even earlier, but the friends we made noted that it's best to go around 9pm or 10pm because that's when the real fun starts. There were literally thousands of people on the streets partying. There is a DJ who stays in one of the tall buildings that plays music, but there are different types of music every block you reach. There are local artists available to sell their artworks, which are cheap and worth the money. The only thing is that when you do go, walk with a lot of friends and always hold hands, because it's really easy for you to become separated and lost. There is a poll-climbing contest, and only most people who are already drunk try it, because it's really high. If you are not into the crowded streets, there are clubs that you can attend, but preferably you should attend the street party, because most of the clubs would be empty. Be careful of what drinks are offered to you while on the streets. The food was great, and, all in all, the party was great, but the most important thing is safety first.
Old San Juan
Old San Juan
San Juan, Puerto Rico

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