Seal Cove

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Seal Cove is a relatively unknown place. There aren't any brochures advertising it, and it's not frequented by tourists. You can reach the cove by turning onto the obscure Cape Road, which intersects with Route 102, and following it down to the water. There you will find a wonderfully secluded spot unknown to all but the locals.

The local chamber of commerce has installed several picnic tables in a little grassy park by the water, and there is a small parking lot that is well maintained. Next to the park is a boat ramp frequented by local lobstermen who moor their boats in the deep water of the cove. The ramp is an excellent free place to launch a small vessel, and the dock alongside it extends far enough to be a good spot to fish from. Don't bother bringing worms; there are plenty of mussels clinging to the rocks, which you can break open and bait your hook with. If you have a kayak or a motorboat with a shallow draft, you can follow the cove several hundred yards inland, or you can head for the mouth, which opens into the Atlantic Ocean.

Even if you don't have a boat, Seal Cove is an excellent spot to visit. Because it is outside the bounds of Acadia National park, there is no fire ordinance, and you can easily hold a large cookout on the beach. The picnic tables and trash cans make the experience that much easier, and to top it all off, the cove faces west, providing beautiful sunsets over the water. Seal Cove is a beautiful and secluded spot ideal for families, boaters, or those who want to escape from the crowds of tourists elsewhere on the island.

Seal Cove

Mount Desert Island, Maine

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